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4 Little Things 15 Characteristics of a Christian
28 Characteristics of the Wicked Are You Headed for Reprobation?
Arm Wrestling With God Big Mouthfuls Often Choke
Cries from the Woodshed Destruction Shall Be
Despite Your Unjust Circumstances    
God Can Speak Through Broken Things God Has a Handmill for the Proud
God of Power and Mercy Gods Jealousy/Idol Self
Gods Jewelry or the Devils? Good Judgment and Knowledge
He Tarried Behind & I knew not of it Hedge About, Break Down, Take Away or Make Up
Help Me Lord! I'm Drowning in Despair How Long Oh Lord?!?
No More Sacrifice Stickability
The Terrible Cost of Compromise The Values That Shape You
The Values That Shape You Which Road are You on Today?
Who Said That You Couldn't Wander From The Faith? Who Will Show Us Any Good?

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