The King's Gardeners Ministries

Restored to the Glory of God!

Reverend Dr. S. L. Gardner, Washington State,U.S.

Director - Billie Sue Mills, Florida, U.S.

Shofar Watchment Pointman - Lynne Londsdale, United Kingdom

Praise and Worship Leader - Adrienne Enghouse, Oregon U.S

Unbreakable Covenant

+ indicates members of TKGM Standing Together Prayer, Fasting and Support Group on See

There are many more restorations but not all want to give public testimony. A.G. A. & R. G.
Ami & John Ann G. Beth n Mike
Carter Candi D. & S.
D'Aundre & Dee + Draper Ground Breaking Restoration +
Enghouse +
Dunn Elizabeth + Feinberg
J. & A. Kelly & Tom + Ira & Kelly
L. & H. + L. & R. M. & S. Restored "Unequally Yoked" Marriage!
Matthews Murphy + Pier +

Slaughter +

Her husband sued her for divorce over and over again and never got one! God wins!

The OTHER Woman!
R. & D. R. & M. Russ N Kellie
Restored x 2!!! Steinkamp Wife Was Prodigal but NO more!
TheWorkmans +        

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