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Unbreakable Covenant

Hi Everyone,


Yes, this weeks Shofar message is right on target. In the beginning of the week I was being attacked at work and it was very disturbing but God showed me that I needed to open my eyes. I did and I saw this is how satan attacked our home seven years ago...through strife.


I have been studying about the Authority of the Believer by reading Ephesians. We have every right as believers to demand satan, rulers, evil powers and demons to release our husbands and marriages from their grasp.


Yesterday, I was cleaning and found some old paperwork that had two articles in the mix that were no where to be found a year ago. God has such wonderful timing. One article is about "Letting Go" and the other is about "The Prayer of Relinquishment". Both have to do with fear which is one of satan's oldest tactics. We must stand up to fear by trusting God to see us through it. In order to do this we must know our authority in Christ.


Yes, please read Psalms 55:4-5, 56:3-4 to let go. I've been praying for my husband T's salvation for seven years. So, yesterday I said Lord, I am tired of asking and I am beaten through. You decide what You want for me.  If you want me single, then You are in charge and that's what I'll be. I want You more than I want T home. You make the choice for me Lord!


I think God sees my demanding spirit, my self-will as a rudder, is blocking my prayer. My self-will had to be voluntarily given up so God can move to answer prayer. Again, this is part of my process of dying to "self". This is my situation at the moment. I will face the reality of it. But I'll also accept willingly whatever my Loving Father sends. Our God can only lead if the sheep have trust and won't run ahead of Him. This is why we must be very practical in our obedience to Him. Luke 6:46, "And why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" We must be completely flexible, from our wills on through to our actions. In order to do this we must overcome fear. Our will must be to be willing to accept the Lord's Will. Our action is to go running into the arms of our Lord. Fear is like a screen erected between us and God, so that His power cannot get through to us. So, how does one get rid of fear? We must admit the possibility of what we fear most. As we stop fleeing, we must force ourselves to walk up to fear, look it full in the face--never forgetting that God and His power are still the supreme reality, thus the fear evaporates. The fear is a good thing if you remind yourself to run to the Lord. satan uses this fear to side track us but we must resist evil and keep walking on the straight path focusing only on God. God allows the fear and if we are smart enough we will take our authority and power against satan but looking straight to God knowing He is just drawing us closer to Him. satan can no longer control you, he is worthless and a liar so resist him by letting go of the fear and move forward to do God's Will.


Say out loud to satan..What he can no longer have control of in your marriage, husband's life and your life. Warning: Pray the armour of God and a hedge of protection around yourself prior to acting on this.

God is good all the time...

Only by HIS grace,


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