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This section of the site is dedicated to questions asked by real people and answered by Rev. Gardner none of these answers are expected to be a difinitive response but may help in your quest for understanding. Names have been changed for the sake of privacy.

Answers to friends of the opposite sex.

I would add just a note. I would be very cautious even in counseling with a local pastor or church elder of the opposite sex when in this vulnerable state.

My husband's last involvement was with a woman that he was "in ministry" with. My husband is a pastor that got entangled in this emotional affair that was even more intense than a sexual affair. satan deceived both of them into thinking they weren't doing anything wrong since they claim they never had sex. However, the hugs, kisses, and "I love you"s that I witnessed first-hand were devestating.

We are now restored, but during this trial, he did tell me that he was in love with her and not me. That comes straight from the pit of hell.

So, caution: pastors and church elders are vulnerable, too. Best to counsel with a member of the same sex.

C (name withheld by request)

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