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Answers to friends of the opposite sex.

Rhodes -

Subject: A little common sense

To All,

I have said this before, I think we all need a reminder to keep us safe from the pits and snares the devil has set for us in an effort to make us fail. When you are standing for a marriage to be restored, you have absolutely no business associating with the opposite sex. NONE. Because we are all too vulnerable, we are all an easy target for the devil to tempt. Our emotions, our very being is so wounded, that a kind word can easily lead into a caress, that leads into disaster.

We are witnesses for Christ, we are His lamp, and we are on public display for all the world to see. And our behavior is being observed by people we are not even aware of. And our witness is being scrutinized constantly by those around us who want to know if this Jesus-thing is real. And there are those who watch us to see how quickly we fall just so they can justify their atheism, their agnostic attitude, and their hatred of Christ.

If you need a sympathetic ear, call the 700 Club, if you need counseling then go to your pastor, or if you need wisdom, seek out the elders of your church.

But guard your reputation as fiercely as you would guard your infant child. Because you can't undo a bad reputation as quickly as you attain it.

If you are a woman, stay away from all men, except your husband, father, brothers, etc. And if you are man, you do the same, stay away from any female outside your family.

When we, who are born again, spirit filled believers, choose our own way, we publicly crucify Christ. Hebrew 6:4-6. And I for one, cannot bear the thought of doing that to Him.

God bless, Deborah

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