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Article by Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner




Unbreakable Covenant

Word for 2006

I believe the Lord is telling me 2006 is going to be a time of revelation, and of truth revealed.

Please prepare yourselves.  Truth is many times a double edged sword.  Let the truth of God make you a better person and although it may hurt sometimes never ever forget that Gods plan is for good.  It may not seem like it at the time but every time something happens that hurts turn your face towards God and say I believe YOUR plan for me is good and not evil because Your Word says so.  So I will go on expecting to see the good in this situation that you have for me.


Truly God can make anything turn out good for us personally.  Maybe not the way we expect but we who have been around for awhile can testify that no matter what every single thing that has happened has made us better people. 


We must stop fighting God and insisting on our own way but rather give our wills over to God and let Him work out the best plan for us.  Because we are Standers we believe restoration of our families is part of that plan.  Please understand that God works on the human heart.  God works like a conversation with a child.  He says do this because it’s best for you but if you don’t this is what is going to happen but I’ll always be there for you.  Not enabling wrong but as a good parent to pick up the wayward child when they finally fall down enough times to say this isn’t what I expected LORD HELP!  (Deut 28, Lev 26 and many many more)


As Standers we have a tendency to look at the people involved in our situations and that is a real plus for the real enemy.  The enemy of our beloveds souls and ours is NOT the ow/om is NOT a person.  The enemies are demons, principalities powers and rulers of darkness.  Do everything you can to concentrate on them because they are the ones in the background pulling your beloveds strings and through them yours if you cooperate in the flesh.


One more thing.  Many many reports are coming in of our beloved rebels confessing their sins against us but not doing anything to reconcile.  The belief is that they have asked God to forgive them and He has so they can just continue on.  NOT!  Recognition of sin is only the first step in repentance.  Yes Jesus is faithful and just to forgive confessed sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  Unrighteousness means not right living according to God.  That part is called the “fruit of repentance” and in a nutshell that fruit has to manifest.  There has to be a change in their behavior.  Hebrews 10 says once a person knows the truth and they continue in their sin there is no hope for them but a fearful and awful judgment.  This was written to believers making them understand that they cannot continue on in the confessed sin.


So I pray that the complete truth be revealed to our beloved as well as the crystal clear way to complete repentance.  Father I also pray that you compel them to right living in Your Will in Jesus Name.

I pray shalom alechem - barukh Hashem Y'shua (God's Peace and blessing in Jesus Name) for you always - Rev. Sandy  

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