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Word for 2007

Oh how blessed you are to have gone through all you have and are going through.  How blessed you are!!!  The Lord is telling me that 2007 is the year of the warrior.  The training you have had in prayer faith and just plain standing against "the impossible" is going to come into play big time in 2007.


Shofar Watchmen arise and praise God.  The battle is the Lords.  Prayer warriors stand and praise Your God for without HIM we can do nothing. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. BUT WITH HIM ALLL ALLLLL ALLLLLLL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM. 


As we fast approach the year of the Warrior in 2007 I’m hearing people say well that won’t apply to me because I’m not an intercessor, I’m not a prayer warrior, I’m not a….  I cried out to the Lord and said is this only for those who have already been in battle for those who have taken up the mantle of war?


The answer was no.  This is what a warrior is… A warrior is one who will go into the world which is a battlefield and will do what I (The Lord) says is right no matter how misunderstood, or unpopular it makes them in the eyes of those who would choose to live a life of sinful compromise but still call themselves Christians.


A warrior is one who will battle them SELVES and will make their own soul (mind will and emotions) submit to what is right according to Gods Word in the ten commandments and elsewhere without compromise no matter what the personal cost.  


A warrior is one who does what is right Gods way according to HIS commandments (not suggestions) no matter what even when it seems that no one will know if they “cheat just a little” or not.


Those who have determined to live in righteousness no matter what the personal cost (temporarily) walk every day as warriors.  Because "the standard" the bible talks about in Isaiah 59 that the Messiah raises by His Spirit when evil rushes in is the person who walks in integrity and Gods right way of living no matter what.


PRAISE GOD for those that have been standing against the ever increasing onslaught of the enemy! They know how to stand already and their knowledge and strength and anointing will only be increased.  GLORY TO GOD


The Lord says NO man will take the place of God and last. NO ego will survive the tests that are coming. 


It's going to be a rough rough year on those who run on ego and emotion.  God has provided several years to get these things in line with Gods way and now these things are going to be tested because something is going to happen in the world to put pressure on everyone. This event will be global in its impact.


More and more pressure is going to be brought to bear and more and more compromise is going to be embraced in the church that calls itself a follower of Christ but is being filled more and more with wolves in sheeps clothing, compromisers and those who wish to put the label Christian on because it makes them feel good about themselves as they continue in their sinful lives using Gods Grace as an excuse to continue to live in sin.  The notion that God forgives and then you can commit that sin again, or that you can obtain the benefit of repentance by simply saying oops God I goofed and not go through the process of repentance with the manifested fruit of repentance referred to in Matthew 3 and Luke 3 will escalate like an avalanche in 2007 grieving the very heart of God.  Think about what has happened historically when the heart of God is grieved.


Those who pander to their flesh are going to reap more and more of the whirlwind as multiplied judgment upon the flesh falls. (Remember that those judgments increase so that the rebel will finally reach the “end of themselves” and turn in complete repentance to the life the Lord originally intended for them. These are still in the midst of the struggle to decide if it’s going to be their version of Gods way or if it’s going to be the only True way as outlined by God in the Ten Commandments and elsewhere. 


Over the years I’ve seen the Lord give themes for a year over and over again not necessarily connecting one to another.  However in the past few years I’ve seen something different.  The themes have become like a message board thread.  One subject building on another. 


This past year increasing in the last few months I’ve seen the Lord accomplish “hurry up catch up” with people.  People being put into positions where they had to face the reality of their compromising sins and either choose to openly continue in the sin or stop it cold turkey.  Not an easy task but I’ve concentrated on three people I’ve seen struggle through this very difficult situation and in three different arenas of daily life.  The strategy of the Lord has been the same.  He brought Revelation and Truth to them that they couldn’t ignore, twist or otherwise compromise.  They had to let their yes be yes or their no be no.  I will either obey what GOD says is right (not what they thought was right) or I will knowingly go against Gods right way of doing things. 


Each one of these persons admitted that they had really known what they were doing was wrong but had convinced themselves by various means that God was going to wink at their sin and do nothing because “God loves me”.  I heard one say that after all Jesus and God didn’t know they were sinning because God can’t look upon sin and Jesus doesn’t go where there is sin.  Another said that the sin was sort of wrong but that Jesus understood that eventually they were going to make it right after all Jesus understands that I’m just human. (That persons sin had been ongoing for years).  These people forget that we were created in the sinless image and likeness of God and that Christians have accepted that redemption back to that place now and they MUST live it. Ephesians 4:13That it might develop until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the full and accurate knowledge of the Son of God, that we might arrive at really mature manhood (the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ's own perfection), the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ and the completeness found in Him. (also Hebrews 6:1)


Another just said oh I’ll repent just before I die because God always gives you that last minute to make things right with Him.  However we have no idea of the length of our life or the way we will die.


Thank God that these three people responded in a positive way and although it’s been heart wrenching and life shattering to make the abrupt changes they have had to make they are beginning to come up out of the waters of sin they were drowning in and didn’t even know it.  Or actually they wouldn’t acknowledge would be more accurate.


Unfortunately I’ve also seen others brought to this place and have chosen their deception using the perverted version of Gods Grace to excuse their sinful ways. Some I’ve observed have even become defiant saying they take care of things with God and no one has the right to even talk to them about their version of repentance.  However there is no manifested fruit in their lives and that is what we are told is the proof of true repentance. (Matthew and Luke 3)


Those who crucify the flesh daily will walk under the covering of the Lord experiencing more and more Jesus encounters in every area of their lives.  They will walk through every evil like Shadrack Meshach and Abednego and that evil is going to be here for sure.  Something is going to happen that is going to rock the world this year shaking nations and peoples not just in specific areas but everywhere.  Believers are going to have to walk more and more in the spirit and in obedience.  That requires being in right relationship with God and the only way to do that is to walk in a life without known sin.  A life of repentance as the Lord makes us know more and more of our own sins that we must forever put behind us. Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation (no adjudging guilty of wrong) for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live and walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit.


So bring it on, we’ve gone through several years now of the Lord bringing the challenge of getting our own personal lives in Gods order.  For those who will BE THE STANDARD that God raises the year of the Warrior will bring them great victories.  Why?  Because Gods promises are true, whatever a “man” sows that shall “he” also reap.


But the remnant that is bloody and worn is going to find themselves becoming healed and renewed although the daily battle will rage.  The strength the righteous have found will manifest in a Shalom that is increased to a level never before known in their lives.  Glory to God!


Please understand that those who have been walking according to the leading of the Lord are and will continue to be protected and provided for, blessed and encouraged. If you fit in that catagorey then rejoice.  If you feel a tugging inside when you read this then please go to the Lord and ask what is it Lord?  Be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit that has come to bring you the freedom of repentance from some "nagging" sin. 


Our Lord comes to convict us and bring us freedom through repentance which manifests in our changing our minds and actions.  Then we walk in His blessing in abundance in every area of our lives!!!


I pray shalom alechem - barukh Hashem Y'shua (God's Peace and blessing in Jesus Name) for you always 

Rev Dr. S. L. Gardner

Spokane Valley, WA

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