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- Stradegy Exposed! -

The power of agreement is one of the most critical things in our arsenal of warfare. Now picture this - satan wants to destroy your marriage, he eves drops on every conversation looking for places where you'll come into agreement with division in any way. satan hears any word of compromise and says, "oh goody now all I have to do is create a situation where he will file (or whatever) cause they said they'd quit (or get into your own sin) at that point and that's that"!

Never say I disagree "BUT". At the point you say "but" you have just opened the door to that very thing happening. You have shown the enemy just where to attack you because you have openly said at whatever point you describe you will quit.

Here is an example: Your husband/wife tells you they are filing or want to file for divorce. You give them all the reasons you don't want a divorce including what God says. That is taking a stand. Then you blow it all away by telling your husband/wife BUT! You may say, but if you file I won't fight it. Right there you gave the enemy the place to hit you. You said to the enemy of your marriage, ok here is where I give up. Now all the enemy has to do is create situations that will cause your husband/wife to file and you are in agreement that the divorce will happen at that point.

Ugly? Oh yes, satan is a low life who takes advantage of us so lets not let him use this any more!

In Mark 4:4 it says the sower sows the word. I know this is usually taken as the words of life about Jesus but the example works for our entire lives. (stony ground for sin would be a good thing. The sin words would not take root because we have turned our hearts hard against sin)

Our words are the seeds that bring a bad harvest many times. What to do? I'm sure the Lord will give you the opportunity to tell whoever you said compromising words to that you aren't in agreement with them any longer. "Fighting" means that you will stand against divorce because God hates it and we simply cannot agree with anything God hates. To the degree you can stand is up to God, some of us can literally stop the divorces and some can't. That's not to worry about do what you can and leave the rest in the hands of the Lord.

It is an absolute lie of the devil that God would plan a divorce for your husbands/wife's redemption. God NEVER EVER EVER deliberately does something he hates. What happens is, through sin things happen that the Grace of God works to turn to good. It's a major project to do it that way and that's what takes the time.

Please consider what I've said. Don't come under condemnation over any mistakes you make, our God is greater than that. He can "fix" anything. The time and effort that takes depends on how badly we mess up. If my personal restoration depended on my not making mistakes I'd just quit right now. I've simply made too many of them. However NOTHING is impossible for our God. :)

If you repent of opening the door to division of any kind, please tell satan that he has no more power to use those words. Just as in tearing up a contract, call the provisions of that agreement void in the Name of Jesus. We are not our precious husbands/wives adversaries but we are the adversary of divorce, permanent marital separation and all things God does not approve of.

Fight the fight in the spirit and get really mad at the enemy if he has been tricking you. He is a low life who has come to kill steal and destroy. The wonderful thing is that the Word says when we catch a thief they have to repay (Exo 22:7) So stand on that word. Thief repay what you have stolen with the words you've used twice in Jesus Name!

God is working to restore your marriage. Always come into agreement with that. Always come into agreement with anything your husband/wife says that is positive. Always rebuke (not necessarily to his/her face) anything he/she says that is not in agreement with restoration.

Always rebuke anything anyone says that agrees with division, vengeance, bitterness or hatred just to name a few negatives to watch out for. Even be careful in judging what you see happening in your extended family. We do NOT know what God is intending or what the plan is, it may look bad but God turns things to good that the enemy has for distruction. If you speak judgment upon others that judgment will come back upon you. We do not judge people and we'd better be wise in judging their actions. Be patient and watch for the long term fruit. Reactions out of pain usually backfire so reach up to heaven not out with a slapping hand or word.

Do Standers get drug through courts? Unfortunately yes, but if we do, hopefully we go in dignity as our Lord did no matter how much they whip up on us. We present our cases in like manner but right now we aren't even going to entertain that thought if it isn't happening.

Take every negative thought captive.

I know that family and friends love to say we are in denial. No! Standers have a better grip on reality than anyone else in many cases. We are the ones who know the highest power in the Universe is against what's happening and we are in agreement with Him! We know that man is NOT God and greater is God's Holy Spirit that is within us than anyone who is in the world.

Psalm 91:7 tells us many close to us can fall but we are to stand anyway. Doing that brings a kind of protection in the midst of seeming devastation.

Lev 26:8 tells us the power of agreement in a wonderfully graphic way. We are in a war and no one should forget it.

I suggest that you pray against all those words said by well meaning family and friends that line up with divorce and permanent marital separation. They have come in to agreement with the enemy. You are in covenant and your authority over rides theirs. Pray for wisdom and use it!!!

May God's richest blessings overtake you daily -

Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

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