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-Bridge Over Troubled Waters-

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I was looking at this Kincade painting today. I found it very interesting as it's called Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Take a good look at this copy, one end of the bridge is in a thick darkly shaded wood; the other end comes out onto a sunlit level grassy space. This bridge over troubled waters can be walked two ways. One out onto what looks like the safety of the sunlit grassy plane and the other into the foreboding woodland.

We can't see what is beyond either side. Does the grassy space go a bit further only to end in a cliff? Does the dark foreboding woodland open into a clearing in the tall trees that we here in the northwest call a woodland chapel sanctuary?

No matter which way you're headed in this life trust in the Lord is the only thing that ultimately brings us over those troubled waters. We might not want to cross over that bridge into the overwhelming woodlands or we may not want to face what looks like a drop off cliff edge.

If we go with the Lord He can lead us to that woodland sanctuary or provide a parachute as we go off the edge of the cliff into the great unknown. Either way we will be brought through to the best plan God has for us if we remain faithful not only to our covenant vows and to our Lord.

I wonder what else this beautiful painting will speak to you from our Lord?

Blessings for you and yours.

Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

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