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- Defeating defeat! -


Just a thought and a very simplistic thought at that. But, it is a thought that has brought me into a new place. I hope it will for you too.

Some time ago I had to find a way to deal with the hurt, lack, depression and all the rest that goes with our type of situation. I found one that helps a lot and is part of my life now. This is simple but takes a massive amount of discipline to do it in the beginning.

Every morning I began my day by counting my blessings. Some days I really had to search for them! Every night when I finished my prayers I counted my blessings again. It was much better for me to go to sleep with the thoughts of blessings in my mind and spirit than the other stuff I had to pray about.

All through the day as things happened I would put them in a category, blessings or not. If it wasn't a blessing I found a blessing to counter it. Like, today I wasn't able to pay my rent. But today I was blessed that I still have a roof over my head. PTL for provision. You see in spite of the fact that I didn't have the rent I still had the roof! It seems like a silly thing but believe me it works over time to change your perspective.

Try this one. Today my husband/wife didn't come home. But PTL today they didn't die and go to hell either - that means God still has time to work repentance for them! That would be about the bottom for me.

Another counter point is, today my husband/wife didn't come home. BUT today we are one day closer to restoration!

Or, today my husband/wife said some terrible things to me, told lies and distorted the truth. PTL there must be something inside that is telling him/her that the reality would bring them to repentance and their heart is still soft enough in that area to create a negative response. You see a totally hardened heart wouldn't care at all one way or the other!

How about this one? My husband/wife's heart is so hard I can't see any soft spots at all. Praise God that it isn't me that has to work with his/her heart! God created it and God can re-create it at His pleasure! The harder they are the more brittle they are and the more they shatter when the Master strikes His blow of Love! PTL

Just for a change today sit down and write out all the things you have that are good. Even tiny things like today I have toilet paper! Believe me if you didn't have it that would be a big big deal!!! LOL And if worse comes to worst thank God that you have water to wash with!!! ROFL Now if that isn't getting right down to where we live I don't know what would! Hope this advise brings a new way to deal with your reality and some humor into your life today. :)

Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

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