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- Gods Word Returns to Him Void? -

This is NOT just another lecture. This weekend as you face trials and tribulations I challenge you to remember this thing we call the weekend is nothing more than two 24-hour days. Days where we make choices just like every other day.

Still with me? Whew!!! Figured that ole delete button would be very tempting right about now.

Ok, moving right along. We chose to walk in peace or we chose to walk in emotion. Sometimes those choices take a major discipline but think about the results? Walking in peace brings our bodies into alignment with the God of the Universe. We make Jesus Lord of our personal lives and he can minister to us effectively.

Is it tough to do? Yes but it does get easier with time and practice. (and help from our real friends) If we chose to walk in our emotions we put our minds bodies and consequently our spirits into chaos. Blood pressure goes up, headaches can become massive, organs have pressure put on them that they were not designed to sustain. Emotional breakdowns occur and at the least our bodies burn out after awhile. If we keep it up long enough our bodies will break down and so will our minds. We are truly walking by sight.

Ohhh how I wish I couldn't see! - didn't know! - wasn't aware of what was happening!!! It is soooo hard not to see the "reality" of the situation isn't it? That's where the choices, sometimes minute by minute choices come into play. Discipline is something we pray over our beloved rebels but God intends for us to become disciplined obedient children of God too.

How do we reach that "peace that passes all understanding"? That Shalom coming from nothing missing? Seems an impossible task. It is a discipline that starts out hard but as faith develops and we learn not to look (as much) on the horizontal as much it does come.

I'm not talking about the numbing "peace" that comes from being burned out or that comes from a release of pressure from a current situation. NO those are temporary and the enemy loves to trick us and use feelings for confirmation. I'm talking about consistently making choices to believe the Word of God over what we see.

Oh oh, now I've done it.

This challenge comes with work and you're already overloaded. Ok lets take a look at priorities. Food and water must be ingested to keep our bodies working. We want to be effective in prayer or at least be part of a group that is effective in prayer if we aren't.

BUT what if the prayers are simply a form of manipulation? What if they are not in Gods will? What if … what if… what if!!! SHALOM!!! (Gods peace blessing) The most effective prayers are the Word of God or are based intimately on the Word of God. Isa 55:11.

Choices - choices - choices - so many choices. But choosing to go without water for a long period of time brings death. Bad choice. Choosing to stand out in the snow with no coat or clothing for a long period is a bad choice, it too brings death. Likewise trying to have faith in something you don't know about and have precious little knowledge of is difficult if not impossible.

You can't depend on others for personal faith. Encouragement yes! Agreement when you are in God's will YES!!! We are corporate and need each other. BUT we have a personal responsibility.

Please sacrifice some time for yourself. YOU are important. Build yourself up in the faith. Read the Word of God!!! Plant that good seed in your own field!!! That's part of being good to yourself! If the word resides within you then you can pray INTO every situation and put the responsibility where it ultimately belongs.

Where does it belong? Example - you have a legitimate need that hasn't been met. Matthew 6:8 and 6:32 says that your Heavenly Father knows your need before you do! So the problem isn't that God doesn't know. BUT for some weird reason we have to get ourselves into a place where we can converse with God about needs.

God has made Himself the ultimate provider if you have a spouse or not. I used to get so angry when I read Luke 12:22-32. I'd think if I could do that I would but I can't!!! I'd rant and rave at God about His conditions!!! The verse in Matthew 21:21 was probably the most defeating verse I have ever read. No doubt!!! Impossible!!! For me at least it was impossible and I knew it. I felt cheated and hopeless, my supposedly loving heavenly Father had a condition to His supply that I simply could not meet and knew it.

Finally I said, ok if Your word is true I have to see it work. I don't have faith not to worry and I don't even have faith that You will do what that book says. I have to see it!!! OHHHH people had a fit when I told them that! I was told that I was foolishly testing God! NOT SO!!! I had a legitimate need and knew my limitations big time! I was honest with myself and honest with God. (Like he didn't already know right?)

Then I started looking for needs being met. I was aware of big needs and little ones. The little ones started first. I had to be very careful not to say, "ok big deal look at what I REALLY need"! I found that the little need being met in a way I could believe was God helped me be grateful for it.

Thankfulness is vital in this process. I was truly thankful when there was toilet paper in the house! Little need? NOT!! Then when the car that had been broken for 2 years got fixed. Then larger needs and as each one was taken care of I became more and more grateful. Are all my needs met? In reality no, but I know the answer is on the way. And the list I started with 4 years ago is sooo much shorter. Major things are taken care of now and although I know I've got a long way to go in the faith department I also know that God loves me. More than I ever thought for sure.

I'm also aware that sometimes my needs aren't met in a timely fashion because another person hasn't responded to Gods prompting to help me. God has to go find someone else and that is a time consumer. BUT, 2 Corinthians 9:8 says, "And GOD IS ABLE to make all grace, every favor and earthly blessing come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation".

The Lord God took me to task one day over my lack of believing his Word. Why? Because I can believe for everyone but myself. I have witnessed miracles of provision, physical manifestations of incredible healings, and all through someone asking me to pray and combine my faith with theirs.

So why not my own needs?

Oh yes doubt was there but when God deals with me He pulls no punches. I was reminded of the verse that says what God has done for others He WILL do for me. Then came the shock - the Lord made it very clear to me that if I thought I was an exception to HIS rules ANY of His rules I was into the same kind of pride that took satan down.

OH MY!!!

My already bruised and broken heart took a big zing from that one. But I did realize that if I thought God couldn't do for me I was lowering God to less than me. Why? Because my needs were greater than God according to me. That was one of the major humbling experiences I've had. Oh Father, I chose to believe help me with my unbelief!! (Mark 9:24) That is an honest prayer and one God WILL honor! Phil 4:19, "And my God WILL LIBERALLY supply, fill to the full your EVERY need according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus". Vs 20, "To our God and Father be glory forever and ever through the endless eternities of the eternities. AMEN! (So be it!)

Jesus said, "Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about anything and everything they may ask, it WILL come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven." Be careful what you agree with. May God completely restore YOU and restore your family to the best plan He has in Jesus Name.

I will agree with you that according to Gods word your needs ARE met! Now watch for them and be thankful. Do not despise small beginnings (Job 8:7).

Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

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