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Simple Study on what is commonly referred to as the Spirit of Jezebel.

I'm going to ask you to read this without prejudice. I know there are lots and lots of books out there with the name Jezebel on them. I've put the word out about my ongoing study over the past several years and have seen some tempering of the rabid persuit of what has turned out to have extremely divisive and abusive fruit. Some have put these teachings out have realized how severely prejudicial and in error their revelations and teachings are both in the results of what happens and in inditing the source. It's very hard for people to recall an entire study as there are legal and pride issues involved but trust me there have been attitude changes.

Ok here we go. Study shows there is no spirit of Jezebel. In fact many scholars studies have revealed that the Queen of the Old Testament and the woman in Revelation are two different people. So what is "the Jezebel spirit"? It's a quickies catch all phrase that is used because the truth is a bit complicated. The spiritual rulers involved in the actions attributed to Jezebel are far more serious than the woman focused on by so many people. The division this group causes is also something that has been proven by my ministry as something encouraged by the enemy to distract us from fighting the true enemy and instead concentrating on judging and condemning people. And beyond that pitting men against women once again. The Enemy knows that agreement is extremely powerful and one sure stradegy is to create a lack of agreement. Creating strife and competition between men and women is a big goal for this group erroneously called "Jezebel and Ahab".

Please note that spirits are not named after people. That should have been the first tip off that the Jezebel and Ahab thing might have more than just the extremely unG_dly behavior of two people who lived on this earth and were used by the enemy each in their own way.

Demonic forces need living beings to work their plots and plans. That does not make the person a demon. The spirit of ____ indicates that the person is under the influence of a demonic force NOT that the person is that spirit. Even a superficial reading of the scriptures reveals that Truth. Jezebel was ruled by the rulers of the demonic kingdom known for centuries as Pantheon. She was given authority to rule by her husband in an ungodly and forbidden union of political expediency. She was a legitimate Queen given a co-ruling status. This status was not uncommon and no one was considered usurping anyone elses authority because it was shared.

Now to expand on the study a bit - Ahab who was known as one of the most evil kings in history didn't need much seduction as he was already an evil ruler in his own right, far from G_d and the ways of G_d. He was the results of sins of the fathers. The descendants of Abraham and David had steadily wandered away from the Lord as their G_d and had a succession of loathsome, horrid, wicked kings who did evil in the sight of the Lord and caused the Hebrew people to commit apostasy. The Lord, Who permits sin to punish sin, permitted the continued decay of spiritual decadence to take place. Evil Ahab became king and he served and worshipped the false G_d, Baal. Ahab set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal that he had built in Samaria. King Ahab did more to provoke the Lord, the G_d of Israel, to anger than did all the kings of Israel before him. Ahab married Jezebel, which was a shrewd economical and political move.

Jezebel was no ordinary woman. Her father was Ethbaal, King of the Sidonians. Ethbaal was a title that the kings of Tyre adopted. As king of Tyre and Sidon, Ethbaal had control over a large Mediterranean seaport and trade center. Tyre also became important in Israel's national security. Tyre had an alliance with Assyria, which Ahab joined to resist Ashurnasirpal's son.

Ahab may have considered these facts when he married Jezebel, but he did not consider the spiritual effect. She worked to establish Baal and Asherah worship in Israel. Through her influence, Ahab built Baal temples and Asherah poles, which the people used for worship (I Kings 16:31-33).

Ahab is considered to be a wimp but historically he is known as a tremendously skilled politician and warrior. He was not a godly leader and brought horror upon those he ruled. History shows that Ahab was quite a military leader and politician. He strengthened positions in his kingdom and doubled urban centers. His attention to the army gave him distinction among his peers. But this is not what G_d wished Israel to be known for at all. Ahab's weakness of character is well known but his strengths are overlooked in the attempt to continue the "Ahab/Jezebel" formula.

Bottom line is the responsibility is with Ahab who defied G_d and married a "heathen". Not only that but a heathen who was involved in generations of horrible demonic worship at the highest levels of worship. That was the first and biggest mistake where that marriage was concerned. What happened after that simply follows the laws G_d has established for that situation. Shifting blame is one of the tactics employed by the Pantheon spirits who are the powers Jezebel worshipped and it has worked well forever.

Adam was taken by one of the Pantheon and told G_d this woman who You (G_d) gave me made me do it. Eve repented as is shown in scripture but Adam did not. That's why the seed of the man is tainted and Jesus had to come through the seed of a woman. But that is another study exposing another common misconception.

Jezebel in the Older Testament was a cultic queen of Israel who was a Phoenician Princess. (c.875-852 BC) That is common knowledge. Jezebel's father was a priest of Baal and taught his daughter well. She was very good at following the demonic spirits she represented and was trained to worship, use and promotion. Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, King of Tyre and the Sidonians. She married Ahab, King of Israel, and son of Omri as part of an alliance (853 BC) to strengthen the house of Amri (father of Ahab) against the Syrians.

According to G_d's law marriage to Jezebel is absolutely forbidden and the consequences of breaking that law manifested in Ahab's life. Jezebel introduced Phoenician luxuries into Samaria. She promoted the Phoenician practice of idol worship including living sacrifice of children and other human beings and other heathen sexually based practices. Jezebel convinced Ahab to establish the worship of the Phoenician gods and goddesses. Again Ahab proved he wasn't a man following G_d or the laws established for Israel and allowed the heathen practices to flourish with his blessing. Jezebel was a fanatic in her worship and was said to have personally supported over 900 priests. The spirits she worshipped were what we would call Rulers - specifically a group called the pantheon who are worshipped to this day. This group exists to destroy the unfallen angels, to replace The One True G_d with their own rule and to destroy all those who stand against them or attempt to expose them for who they are. Again let me caution that these entities use people and I've been on the receiving end of their attacks before and it's not a fun battle to fight.

It would be much more accurate to say we are praying against the spirits Jezebel worshipped when this is addressed in the spirit. I must caution you that you MUST be prepared for this kind of warfare or leave it alone. This is not like praying over demons who flee at the slightest hint of the work of Jesus being applied through the authority given a believer or principalities who will bow their knee to our Lord upon demand of a believer who is anointed to use their authority in that circumstance.

The other reference to Jezebel in the Newer Testament is reference to a completely different woman.

The Pantheon is the highest order of evil spirits and is well known outside of Christian circles. Ignorance of this higher archy is something that is menacing our community and has been for a long time. However the physical manifestations of their "ministry" among Christians are obvious. What are those? I've put out another study listing the names of these "gods" and their characteristics. This is not a complete list but it serves to show the point of this study. Go back to the menu and click on Characteristics of demonic gods. Following is a small list of some of the participants in this group.

El is the main "god" in this group and attributes himself to being exactly like our precious Creator Father god. Leadership of this group has changed from time to time but El has been top dog for a long long time.

Asur, Assur, Ashshur, Asshur, Ashir, Arusar chief G_d of Assyria. Consort: Ishtar Important as a god of war, he became the omniscient king of the pantheon, replacing the Babylonian Marduk. His name appears variously as Asur, Assur, Ashshur, Asshur, and Ashir.

Sumerian name Babylonian Name

An Anu
Ki/Ninhursag Aruru, Mammi
Enlil Ellil
Enki Ea
Nanna Sin
Inanna Ishtar
Utu Shamash
Ninlil Mullitu, Mylitta

Although the pantheon of the Canaanites who settled at Ugarit was headed by masculine deities, the feminine counterparts were not silent partners. Two female members of the pantheon are of particular note: Asherah (or sometimes Athirat) and Astarte. Asherah was one of the two wives of El, the chief god of the pantheon. Astarte was a goddess whose name appears in a list of deities who are to receive sacrifices; however, her name has been preserved by other cultures. At some point in time, these two goddesses were apparently mingled. Of the two, Asherah most closely parallels other "divine mother" goddesses such as Inanna who were common within the region.

Now before I get too much into history and bore you let me say that the object of this group is to replace the One True G_d we worship, to destroy the prophetic voice and cause strife division and competition between men and women for starters.

Actually if you look at our society right now you can visualize what it's like to be part of this group. They marriage switch, vie for power over each other, operate without morals or conscience. They are out for #1 with no regard for who they hurt.

People need to be careful when bringing judgments upon others. Instead of trying to "cast out" something that doesn't exist lets find out what the root cause of behavior is and bring healing to those who are wounded and are in need of the greatest dose of Grace. Otherwise the enemies of our souls has gotten a great foothold into the lives of those it wants to control and destroy.

Rev S. L. Gardner

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