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- Prayer - Instructions and Tips-

Stander, add your prayers to this list or make one of your own.  Write them down and in times of dryness or despair re-read them.  Ask the Lord to anoint the prayers that are of Him.  There just isn’t room to list all the prayers that have been or could be said.

-    Tips    -

Ask the Lord to teach you how to pray.  Ask the Lord what He wants you to pray. He will bring you into agreement with Himself. Pour out your heart to the Lord, wine cry and wail.  Give Him your best advise, all your plans, all your wishes and dreams.  Give Him all the anger and Lord "get him/her" prayers.  Then when you’re done ask for the Lord to take everything you’ve said and sort out what is right and what is wrong.  Then give the Lord permission to throw out anything that is not of him and destroy it.  After that give Him permission to fulfill your hopes and dreams in HIS timing. Don’t worry if you don’t feel you can pray correctly. 

The Holy Spirit is there to teach and the Lord is our greatest intercessor. Give God permission to over ride your will.

Things will go easier for you that way. Give God permission to do whatever is necessary to accomplish His will for your restoration. Don’t get down on yourself if you have big ups and downs and periods of numbness followed by or proceeded by intense pain.  You are human and have taken on a big commission but remember.  It’s the Lord who is responsible for the ultimate victory. 

He knows you very well and has already made allowances for your mistakes. Please Forgive Yourself.  Gods Grace is sufficient for you too.

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