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- Rings, Laws of the Land and Submission -

Jesus was obedient to God not man in His submission to go to the cross for us. He chose to do God's bidding not mans. He willingly submitted to God in defiance of mans laws even in defiance of the perversion of rabbinical law. Christ gave up his life he did not have it taken by submission to man.

If we submitted to the laws of the land that are ungodly there would be no standard of morality left. In fact to tell you what I believe as I am no longer young I've watched as Christians did nothing to stand for Gods highest standard but submitted and submitted to ungodliness and it now prevails in our churches and in the world we live in.

Rendering unto Caesar must be taken in context. Paying taxes is certainly not in the same class of decision as marriage covenant. Money is of man and there is even a warning not to become its servant. (Matthew 6:24 and Luke 6:13) But God did provide for the Lord and Apostles to pay their taxes - leave it at that.

Even in the courts today rabbinical law takes precedent over the law of the land. I have a case in my files that was in the papers from I believe South Carolina where this proved true just last year. So the argument that we are to follow mans laws over Gods is just not correct. Not even according to the laws of this land! It's quite the opposite.

Christians simply have not availed themselves of the godly laws and have submitted to the ungodly ones for way too long. Wearing your rings is the simple testimony of the facts that God's covenant of marriage is alive and well. Many testimonies have come from returned prodigals of the conviction that came from seeing their wives/husbands testimony still on their hand. They didn't like that symbol of Gods will for their lives.

Bob Steinkamp even melted his ring into a lump and sent it to Charlyne "to show her". Thank God she didn't submit to his demands even when he got angry. Now she wears that lump as a necklace in another witness to the power of God over mans will and emotional demands.

We are never called to submit to ungodliness. We are called to submit to our husbands as they act according to the character of the Lord. That's what as unto the Lord means!

Eph 5:22 and Col 3:18 are commonly taken out of context however Col 3:18 says as fit in the Lord. The Word of God says to take "the whole counsel" of God and if you read just a few verses back in Ephesians the Word says "Be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ".

Genesis 2 in the original Hebrew text says a woman was created an "adequate and equal counterpart". Jesus bore this out over the tradition of man both then and now. Most Jews simply don't have the problems with submission that is so prevalent in the Christian community. They realize that God created THEM and the authority that was given to Adam was not diluted. There is much more that the original biblical text reveals but that's for another study. What we have been discussing is submission to ungodliness and laws of man never validated by Jesus Christ.

Jesus even reminded those who wanted him to submit to the perverted laws of Moses concerning divorce and remarriage that "from the beginning it was not so ordained". Matthew 19:8 is again the example of Jesus constantly reminding us to follow the original character and ordinations of God over mans laws - even Moses.

1 Corinthians 7:3 tells a man to render unto his wife due benevolence, Colossians 3:19 tells the husband to love your wife and do not be harsh or bitter or resentful towards them.

1 Peter 3:7 says, IN THE SAME WAY (regarding verse 6) you married men should live considerately with your wives with an intelligent recognition of the marriage relation honoring the woman as physically the weaker but realizing that you are joint heirs of the grace of life in order that your prayers may not be hindered and cut off, otherwise you cannot pray effectively.

Counsel to remove the rings - this counsel would only work in modern times. When the covenant symbol was originated it was a scar or scar embedded with a color so that it was evident forever. It was impossible to "take it off" - like our covenant it is there for life even if those rebelling don't want to be reminded of that fact.

As for "flaunting the rings in the spouses face" absolutely nothing done with a wrong heart motive will succeed. Absolutely nothing. Sometimes the enthusiasm of encouragement comes out a bit stronger than intended and need not become an issue.

All our actions need to be weighed against the standards and character of God as Jesus did when he asked God to take the cup from him but "never the less". Jesus NEVER bowed to man or mans laws where they conflicted with Gods covenant or morality. I agree that we must be discerning about the counsel we receive and the fruits from each ministry.

There are NO formulas! There is God and His whole counsel. His personal direction and our submission to HIM. For years Standers were told not to object to court proceedings but instead to say nothing like a mute sheep. However the Apostle Paul didn't stand silent and Jesus case had been presented to Pilate or he couldn't have made the finding that "I find no fault in this man".

Thank God that there has been restoration when women stood in court. Many times in I believe 5 states one woman fought her husbands desire for divorce. They are restored! Glory to God for not being a servant of man. Now others are standing against what God hates and making Gods will for HIS courts known in this land founded on In God we trust.

Our spouse is subject to God almighty not the plan of men. I think we must remember that God's word is alive and powerful and will work no matter who speaks it. For those Standers who are manipulative and controlling or are so fearful that they are overwhelming their spouses some of these teachings are good.

The discipline of learning to bring all things into balance before the Lord is again a change of the Standers heart. Unfortunately the advertisements and statistics do not reflect those Standers who have been seriously harmed by this narrow teaching. We must NOT put God in a box and say this is the only way. That's reducing God to the servant of man.

As far as sex goes the idea that we are not to be wives/husbands to our spouses is absurd. To say that the law of the land overrules covenant is placing man over God in my opinion. Again we do not follow the laws of man when they conflict with the teachings of God. For a Pastor to consider himself a representative of the state is inconsistent with being a representative of God. When a Pastor stands before a couple he/she stands there as a representative of God not man. A marriage is only registered with the state no solmenized by it.

In the case of most who have been divorced in the no-fault divorce courts the "law" being elevated to mans rule over us is not even correct according to our constitution. It should have never stood in the laws of this land. Unfortunately until 1999 there was no one who had ever challenged the lawlessness of this ungodly and unconstitutional violations of no-fault divorce.

Millions of believers in Messiah have willingly died rather than follow ungodly laws. The least we can do is raise our voices and say NO this is wrong! We should never bow our knee to anything so ungodly as no-fault divorce. We must carefully consider counsel that demands we adhere to laws that biblically brought Gods people to horrible judgment. Like Shadrack Meshack and Abednego we should be willing to go into the fire rather than bow before ungodly laws of the land.

Israel came to severe punishment by adhering to the laws of the land over the standard God sets for His people. Father give us the courage to look past the desires of rebels to the standard of God for our personal lives. Give us the ability to discern properly, the courage to follow the personal path you have for us instead of what we think or feel.

As an Ordained minister and person who has been involved in godly Christian counseling clinics (ones with tremendous good fruit) I can say without hesitation that a it is the intent of the heart that dictates the success or failure of our actions. Our actions must line up with God's highest standards and if that makes our spouses uncomfortable or upset so be it. We will not be man pleasers but God pleasers.

Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

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