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- Tested by Fire -

1 PETER 1:7


How do you behave in the tests of fire?


Do you worship the ways of God or the ways of man?  Does your fear of man cause you to doubt and forsake the ways of God?  Does your fear of what those who you care about cause you to bow to their wishes over the covenant of God?




Our God is able to deliever us we will not bow!


Daniel 3




There are only two kinds of people.  Those who bow to an image and those who stand no matter what according to in defense of the covenant of God.


You will either please the world and offend God or you will offend the world and please God.  NO middle ground.  You cannot put one foot on the rock and one foot on quicksand and not expect the quicksand to overbalance you and suck you down.


If a people will not bow to Almighty God they will bow to the gods of this world.


The worship of pleasure, the worship of a man or woman, the worship of anything other than almighty God who created this universe and is the Father of the Only Begotton Son and our Messiah Jesus THE Christ. 


WILL YOU STAND NO MATTER WHAT?  Don’t answer that quickly but instead pray and let the Lord show you where YOU compromise worshipping anything other than the Lords way.  (Righteousness)  Do you even know what the ten commandments are?  YOU SHALL NOT.  Not suggestions but commandments.  Do you compromise those commandments?  Can we truly stand strong and say NO to not only our own “compromises” but those of others no matter if they “get mad at me” or not?  Can we accomplish all that with true Love and Gods Grace?  Ohhh yes that in fact is more than possible it’s impossible to accomplish true right living without the Mercy and Grace of God.  That is NOT TOLERANCE.  King David said that those who love the Lord


Jesus said I have not come to … but to separate…


So where do you stand?  Are you passing the test of fire?  If not repent now and that means changing your mind and your actions to show the fruit of that repentance.  1 Peter 3


So now what?




Can we stand in right living?  Yep because the Word says I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.  ALL THINGS!!! 


Revelation 21


Luke 14:26


When in Rome do we do what the Romans do?  I think not!  Distance and time do not alter the truth of Gods word.  How you act when you’re in a place where no one knows you shows who you really are.


Does the Grace of God cover anyones oops.  The perpetual choice to sin is wrong and


Grace gives you the opportunity to repent it is not a license to sin


Hebrews 10 says that those who know the Truth and continually sin and keep on sinning are without hope?  Why?  Because they did not repent of their sins after knowing how to repent.  Jesus cannot cover unrepentant sin, only repentant sin. 


Romans 6


Faith will always be tested by fire.  ALWAYS so expect it!!!  Gods word says “yeah though I walk THROUGH the valley of death I will fear no evil because THOU ARET WITH ME.”


God does send trials.  Jesus was sent into the wilderness to be tested.  Satan twisted scripture, satan tempted with things, satan tempted with power and all the rest.  Jesus said I was tempted in all ways. 


Enemy I stand against you and declare I will not falter.  My Lord and My savior stands with me in this fire and will protect me IN the fire!  You back off now because as those who tried to burn the men of God of old will be burned up without remedy.  You better run because I cover my beloved and those of my family in the protection of the Lord now in Jesus Name.  WE WILL BE SAVED AND RESTORED IN JESUS. 

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