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The Treasure Box
Rev. Dr. S.L. Gardner

Emotions can play a big part of our lives. If we live by them we are on a constant roller coaster. So what do we do with the wonderful events that happen as we Stand for the restoration of our relationships in Gods Will, Gods Way and in His timing?

I think this is a wonderful thing to do.

Get a beautiful box. It can be anything but make it large. Decorate it yourself or purchase one. Just make sure it's beautiful and is easy to access.

Every time something happens like a bit of hopeful news, some small or large incident that gives hope write it down. Include a picture or memento if you have one. Put these treasures - these nuggets of gold hope in your treasure chest.

Then the next time it seems the rug gets pulled out from under you get out your treasure chest and look at the nuggets of hope. Don't look at the "now not hopeful thing" that's happened but look at the hope.

If as in some cases you have nothing current to put into your chest, put treasures from your past in the box. Did you find an old valentine? Put it in the box. Remember the good and agree with the love expressed. How about a nice little note you found when you cleaned out that closet? Put it in there. A special pressed flower? Mark the event and attach it to the flower then add it to your treasure. A candy wrapper? A post it note with something kind or good on it. Anything that speaks care and love to you. These nuggets of gold don't tarnish and remain stable unlike the yo-yo emotions experienced in standing and truthfully in every normal relationship.

So put your treasure chest together because without a doubt something will happen where you will need it. Make this your own and add whatever will lift your spirits and will change your focus from the current maybe not so good to a better time of hope.

When your spouse starts on the come back trail to God keep adding to the treasure chest. Put layers in the box to mark timelines. You could decorate cardboard and lay it as markers between the layers.

Don't ever stop adding to your treasure chest. Every relationship has hard times and we need those treasures to remind us of the truth of the love that is the basis God builds on. The neat thing is as the layers build the bad times get buried farther and farther in good things.

You can do the same thing with child rebels. The little cards and love notes given to Mom or Dad over the years bring the same spiritual stability into play as we stand for the healing and restoration to God and us.

Blessings to all.

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