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Who We Are - Where We are Located!

The King's Gardeners Ministries is a service outreach ministry based in Spokane Valley, Washington, U.S.A.  We are nestled in the foothills of the U.S. Rocky Mountains in a beautiful place full of rivers, lakes and fertile farm lands known as The Inland Empire. Here is a little tour guide of our area for your enjoyment.

Spokane is called the Lilac City as we are reported to have the largest variety of Lilacs in existence.  To the west of us is a desert area that has been transformed into lush farm land with water from the great Columbia River.

Spokane means Children of the Sun.  Local Christians like to refer to that meaning as Children of The SON! Spokane, the Lilac City, is the hub of the Inland Northwest. It is the second largest city in Washington State. It is the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis and between Calgary Alberta, Canada and Salt Lake City, Utah, U. S. It is 18 miles west of the North Idaho Panhandle border and 110 miles south of British Columbia, Canada.

The Beautiful Spokane Valley looking east immediately adjoining the City of Spokane


The tall clock tower is on the island as well as the IMAX theater monuments and park facilities including rides, band shells and open spaces.

The Center of the City of Spokane The round topped building in the photo to your left houses an antique carousel famous the world over.

clock tower

The clock tower is the last remnant of the original train center not far from the carousel. The train station was the hub of the Inland Empire and Silver Valley in Idaho just a few miles away. The area was reclaimed from decay and turned into the beautiful park in the center of town with the River Island the epicenter of activity and relaxation.


The heart of Spokane Downtown.  The Spokane river splits and creates an island.


Spokane has several spectacular falls in the center of town. The wire canopy in the lower photo was saved from the Worlds Fair and houses an amusement park in the summer and ice arena in the winter. The entire area is an island in the middle of the river.

Island Park in Downtown Spokane

The Spokane River winds from it's source in Coeur D'Alene Lake Idaho through Eastern Washington and merges with the mighty Columbia River. There are a multitude of rapids, falls and serene vistas all along the river route.

This photo and those that follow are just 3 - 7 miles downriver of the last photo in the center of Spokane.

Riverside State Park just 7 miles downriver from the heart of the city.

Riverside State Park Bowl and Pitcher Rock Formation

the handle has fallen off the pitcher during years of flooding but the spout is still there ready to pour into the waiting bowl.

Mt. Spokane seen in the distance from the Valley foothills. Spokane is at the base of the Rockie Mountains. To the west is desert, to the south is rolling wheat land, north is timber lands and on the east are the Spectacular Rocky Mountains. Lewis and Clark came though this area on their way to the Pacific ocean. You can still walk the trail they blazed high on Lookout Pass just east of Spokane and Coeur D'Alene.
Mount Kit Carson as seen from Mt. Spokane State Park. This peak is in the Selkirk Mountain range and is immediately north of Mount Spokane.

There are nearly a hundred lakes, two inland seas and the second largest dam in the world within minutes or at most an easy day trip from Spokane. Now that you've visited our beautiful city by photo feel free to come in person. The ministry hosts events where those who are involved with the Internet group can meet from time to time.

The King's Gardeners Ministries was incorporated in 1985.  We are an outreach ministry whose mission is to aid people of God as we are directed by the Holy Spirit of God.

We are affiliated with Spirit of Fire Ministries Lewiston Maine.  Rev. Doctor S. L. Gardner is presiding officer.

This site is intended to be a place where those who are standing for Restoration in marriage can meet and minister to each other in safety.  What we stand for is outlined in another section of this site called What We Believe. One clearly stated belief is that no fault divorce is ungodly and shouldn't be participated in by anyone who calls Jesus their Savior. We minister to those who are unwilling victims of this ungodliness or have come to understand that their actions in no-fault divorce court are against Gods heart. Malachi 2:13-16.

We support the attempts to defend marriage in the courts of this land. To this end Marriage Defenders was created. See the main index of for auxiliary sites.

We maintain an online Prayer, Fasting and Support Group monitored by two ordained ministers experienced in counseling and under the capable leadership of ministry Director Billie Sue Mills of Largo Florida.

Reverend Doctor S. L. Gardner Presiding Officer

Articles on this website are used by permission or are public domain. Every effort is made to give the original writer of any article credit for their work. Articles are presented in original form unedited by this ministry.

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